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istanbul ask sen yürek tayfun26 seni siir çok ben her bir fikra gibi insan sohbet tasarim müzik akil duygusal ne kadin is asik hayat toplum bu mutluluk yonja toplumsal ek olmak ve en komik eglence ögrenci kültür yok için birliktelik duygu güzel ayrilik egodiablo bireysel sevgi sevgili yasam erkek iletisim

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Gönderen:  Poyraz      Tarih:  12.12.2012
Poyraz Geçit Egitmenliginde Hip Hop Dans Dersleri Başlamıştır HİP HOP New Style Street Dance Locking Krumbing House Poping İLETİŞİM:0539 594 76 88 Poyraz Geçit
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''' Mc BlAcK BuLlEt... '''  link Müzik
Gönderen:  mcblackbullet      Tarih:  21.03.2010
Çok yakında ilk demo albüm çıkacak...
Etiketler: rap hip hop
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Sokağin Ritmi Rap Party  link Müzik
Gönderen:  Mec      Tarih:  06.03.2010
ArkadasLar 20 mart cumartesi günü 312 performans Hall de büyük bir Rap partymiz olacaktir.Bir çok ünlü isimlerinde(uLas,Pit10,Orontez,Kusku,Facia,Dc Recordz ve daha birçok Mc nin ve süpriz isimlerin)katilacaği bu partynin detaylari ve biletleri için ulasabilirsiniz mec.06@msn.com biletler tükenmeden temin edin

D.C RecordZ // Mec

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Good Girl Gone Bad & Pretty Fly For a White Guy  link Müzik
Gönderen:  DirtySouth      Tarih:  17.05.2009
Good Girl Gone Bad

You are one of the 26 models on the game show Deal or No Deal. How often are backstage bra-and-panty fights breaking out?
For the most part, the girls get along. I relate it to a sorority. There are different personalities, but we are all working towards the same goal. At the end of the day, we want to make the show really great and get out of the dresses and shoes as soon as possible. Those days can be 18 hours!

At the same time, you’re playing a hooker on Crash. There’s a big difference between those two shows.
Oh my god yes! Crash is more of an adult role—seducing men and causing problems. It’s fun to play the vixen.
Did you expect to be getting sexpot roles when you started out?
Not at all. I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m silly and a nerd. Now, all of a sudden, I’m being thrust into this female limelight. I’m not complaining, but it’s always like, “Really?”
[b]How are you handling the fellas now that your star is rising?/b]
I’m still trying to figure out how I’m handling that [laughs]. I’m single and I date. You want to make sure that you are dating someone who likes you for you and not just so he can say, “I’m dating one of the girls from Deal Or No Deal.”

How can you tell if a guy is into you or simply wanting you to be his Deal Or No Deal wanton?
I go with my instincts. A guy who calls you during the day instead of just at night. A guy who takes you to lunch instead of to the club. You cannot just text message me and expect me to stop everything I’m doing to hang out with you at the club. Be a gentleman.
How does a 25-year-old woman get put on to Cleopatra Jones anyway?
Netflix is so dope. Those are my absolute favorite movies and it is so hot to remake them. She is strong, intelligent and stands on her own two feet. She uses her sex appeal in order to get justice. She is the baddest woman that ever was.

Pretty Fly For A White Guy

In the September 2003 issue of XXL magazine, its been asked 25 rap artists to list their top five MCs. Only seven named Eminem. That’s more votes than Cassidy, Sadat X and Smoke from Field Mob got, but fewer than Biggie, Rakim, Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas. The results were something of an upset, considering that, at the time, Eminem was a global pop icon. He was both matinee idol and the original SoundScan Killer. The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show had already sold over 21 million albums, and his debut film, the semiautobiographical 8 Mile, had grossed $116 million domestically. The back of his baseball card was flawless.

Not impressed by statistics? He was also at, or at least very near, the top of the game in six stylistic categories: best flow, best wordplay, most controversial, wildest imagination, best storytelling (for “Stan” alone) and funniest album skits. Maybe his interviews could have been hotter. But by just about any conceivable measure, Marshall Mathers III was a legitimate candidate for the title of Best Rapper Alive. MTV2 thought so, ranking him third on their June 2003 22 Greatest MCs program, behind only Biggie and Tupac.
Which brings us back to that seven out of 25. Seven out of 25? Was his nasal voice that annoying? Were his drug references too explicit? His imagery too gory? His insults too childish? Or did it have nothing to do with tone or lyrics? Maybe it was something he had no control over. Like his skin color. And that, for better or worse, put him on a different playing field.

Do you remember the first time you heard Eminem? For me, it was early 1998, freshman year of college. The biggest rap nerd in the dorm had a new mixtape. I want to say it was a DJ A. Vee cassette. Yes, cassette, and Eminem was featured on two songs: Old World Disorder’s “3hree6ix5ive” (which was identified as “the underground shit that you did with Skam” on “Stan”) and Shabaam Sahdeeq’s “5 Star Generals.”
My first impression, however, wasn’t pure. Before Em’s verse came on, my friend revealed the big secret: “He’s White.” In retrospect, I was grading his performance on a curve. Sure, there were some good White rappers around, like El-P of Company Flow or Cage, but they weren’t even sniffing the mainstream. In 1998, rap fans—Black, White, everyone—were skeptical of White rappers. Eminem was no different. “I liked you/Thought you were okay for a White dude,” he’d say himself, of Everlast, on the 2000 diss record “I Remember—Dedication to Whitey Ford.”

For most people, the first time they heard Eminem was the same as the first time they saw Eminem. In early 1999, when the “My Name Is” video debuted on MTV’s Total Request Live, nobody could avoid his whiteness. The clip goofed on the issue, with Eminem playing dress-up as a Leave It to Beaver–like suburban dad, tacky talk-show host, chemistry teacher, Bill Clinton, Marilyn Manson, etc. He was obviously courting the TRL pop mainstream—okay, let’s just say it—White audience from the get-go. Remember, “My Name Is” was even mixed with AC/DC’s 1981 metal classic “Back in Black” and played on rock radio.
The song, video and AC/DC mash-up were greater reflections on White culture than Black culture. But does that mean Black people didn’t eat it up? Of course not. Eminem appealed to everybody. His subject matter was universal: broken home, dead-end jobs, drugs, the claustrophobia of the hood, the struggle with leaving it behind and, of course, baby-mama drama. Hip-hop accepted him. “In my opinion, it is not an issue,” said Jay-Z of Eminem’s whiteness, in the March 2003 issue of XXL. “I mean, he can rhyme. The guy’s got skills.” Nas chimed in with, “The dude lives, breathes, eats and shits hip-hop.”
But could a White guy be considered the best practitioner of an art form created by African-Americans?
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"HOT" Mia Milano and "COLD" Ice Cube  link Müzik
Gönderen:  DirtySouth      Tarih:  13.07.2008
Mia Milano

This Dominican beauty is looking for a chocolate man in her life.

In Qwote’s “Don’t Wanna Fight” video you play the girlfriend whose boyfriend is about to cheat but doesn’t and comes back into your arms. Aw, how cliché.
None of my endings are like that. I pick the wrong guys. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time, either. I need a chocolate man in my life. Are you single? [laughs]

Why, yes, but…
I’m just messing around. That’s why I was trying to get paint on you.

And how did you like our Jackson Pollock skills?
The concept was very tasteful, but I thought you were going to paint clothes on me. I really didn’t think it would be so…

There you go. I’m comfortable in my own skin, so I was cool with it. Living in Miami, if you don’t have fake boobs, you have a fake ass. It’s their thing, but it’s not for me. Everyone has their flaws.

What are yours?
Let’s just say I need a few classes in anger management. I’m half-Dominican and I’m from Patterson, New Jersey! I have a low tolerance for ignorance, and when I speak my mind I’m very blunt. I love to debate.

Great! What’s your stance on the presidential election?
As much as I want Obama to win, I don’t see it happening. The negative ads and press about his relationship with Reverend Wright are hurting him. Hillary will take it, and that’s fine, she’s cool. I really want Obama to win, but he needs to get it together.

Wow, beauty and brains. Who knew?
I’m a very smart girl, so watch what you say. I’m rooting for the president who doesn’t send my mother back to Iraq. She has been in the Army for 17 years, and she was deployed in Iraq for a year and might have to go again. Whoever is president needs to get us out the war and get us out of this recession. So this hits home for me.

Raw Feed

Ice Cube gives The Wolrd an ass-kicking on his seventh album.

You’re calling the new Lench Mob album Raw Footage. Sounds like a Hollywood sex tape.
I just wanted to do hip-hop for the brain. I’m not really worried about the club and the things that most people are worrying about right now. I’ve always prided myself on making the streets understand the politics of the day and, hopefully, making the politicians understand the streets a little bit.

On “Take a Nation,” you declare yourself “the only rapper who wanna fistfight the president.” Our money is on you.
Of course. The hook is, “It takes a nation of niggas to hold us back”—a statement in itself. Forces outside of hip-hop are starting to dictate what’s hot and what’s not. I wanted a record to talk about it: “That’s bullshit, we need to take it back.” We need to dictate what’s hot—not Viacom. I did Lench Mob to be able to do records how I wanted to do them, when I wanted to do them, and to promote them how I want to without nobody having nothing to say.

Those other bozos would’ve thrown T-Pain on the “Gangster Rap Made Me Do It” remix. Why’d you choose Nas and Scarface instead?
It gives me credibility all over the country. Getting a godfather like Scarface on there [gave it Southern credibility], and Nas—who is like the mirror image of what I’m doing on the East Coast—brings the knowledge to the streets. It was like sitting down to a big steak dinner in a fine-ass restaurant: Organic, with no bullshit.

“Why Me,” surprisingly, also seems organic. Who would’ve ever thought that Cube and Musiq Soulchild would collaborate?
That’s from the perspective of the victim who’s just walking down the street and gets busted on. Some people deserve what’s coming to them, but this is for the ones that don’t. You got to be a straight coward to kill somebody who doesn’t even know they’re in a gunfight. This record is [the victims’] voices talking back to the ones that did it and basically saying, “Why me? What the fuck did I do to you?”

It’s not the typical rapper-singer effort, but really, what’s a few thousand radio spins to a legend?
With this record, we have limited radio support, but the people want it. That’s how it should be. I love when a record is getting 3,000 spins and don’t sell shit. The record is bullshit, and that’s how it should be. It’s these people who are spinning the shit 3,000 times who need a foot up their ass.
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DJ A-TRAK Biography   link Müzik
Gönderen:  RUSH MT©      Tarih:  03.07.2008

DJ A-Trak has traveled all over the world, performing at DJ competitions, clubs, and music festivals in countries including Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Norway, all before the tender age of 18. He was the youngest DJ to ever win a DJ-battling world championship (at 15); the first to win all three major championships -- International Turntablist Federation (ITF), Disco Mix Club (DMC), and Vestax World Extravaganza; and the first to win five world championship competitions -- again, all before 18. The turntablist wunderkind has made himself a pioneer in this subculture of hip-hop just within a few years. As if the tide couldn't turn more in his favor, Kanye West picked him up to be his personal touring DJ. With featured interviews in hip-hop magazines and on MTV in the mid-2000s, A-Trak has begun giving this almost lost art form much-needed, mainstream exposure. Born in Montreal, Canada, Alain Macklovitch first attempted to scratch vinyl when he was 13, on his father's old record player. Soon after, he bought more professional DJ equipment and began teaching himself how to scratch. In 1995, he helped form the Montreal rap group Obscure Disorder with his older brother David Macklovitch, aka Dave One (who also formed the synth pop revivalist duo Chromeo in 2003), and their after-school friends. Dave One and A-Trak established their own label, Audio Research, and they released Obscure Disorder's first single, "Lyrically Exposed," through Fat Beats Records in 1997. The record helped reveal Canadian hip-hop to the burgeoning U.S. independent scene. That same year A-Trak started his now legendary DJ battling career, beginning with his victory at the DMC World Championship in Italy and moving on to capturing the crowns at the ITF, Vestax World, and DMC Team World Championships in 1999 and 2000. Although DJ Q-Bert invited him to be an honorary member of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz after his first world competition, A-Trak found an affinity with DJ Craze, who beat him in the 1998 DMC World Championship. Thus, they together founded their own DJ collective, the Allies, in 1999. In 2000, at the age of 18, A-Trak retired from the battling scene in order to pursue his own musical endeavors and focus more on the Audio Research label with his brother. He did a host of side projects here and there, including working with artists like underground crew Non Phixion and Stones Throw Records label head Peanut Butter Wolf, but he also put out Allies-related records like 2004's Monkeyboy Breaks, a vital and popular 12" LP for DJs to use for battling. The turning point in his career came in May 2004 when he was performing in a London record store where Kanye West happened to witness his crafty handiwork. An impressed West pulled him into DJing for his North American tour, which eventually extended into Europe and Asia. Aside from being West's touring DJ, A-Trak was enlisted to do turntablist cuts on some of West's G.O.O.D. Music projects, including the highly acclaimed LPs Be (Common) and Late Registration (West). Making big moves for himself, he gathered bits and pieces of video footage from his old battling days and up-and-coming career and composed the autobiographical DVD Sunglasses Is a Must. It was released in March 2006 in anticipation of delivering a solo album in the near future. ~ Cyril Cordor, All Music Guide

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BRB İstanbul konseri, Beyazıt Antik Hotel 17 mayıs  link Müzik
Gönderen:  BRB      Tarih:  30.04.2008
Hip Hop/Rap sanatçısı Barış Baytöre ( BRB ) nin İstanbul konseri 17 mayıs günü Beyazıt, Antik Hotel' de
Başlama saati: 21.00
Bitiş saati: 24.00
Bilet fiatı: 35 ytl

Antik Hotel
Ordu Cad. Darphane Sok. No: 10
Beyazit - İstanbul
Tel: 0212 638 58 58

( Biletleri Antik Hotel'den temin edebilirsiniz )
Harika bir konser olacak, tüm müzik severleri bekliyoruz.
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Gönderen:  Reİs-İ AyyAş      Tarih:  23.12.2007

Daha henüz onsekiz yaşındaydı, ama hayatının sonundaydı. Tedavisi mümkün olmayan bir hastalığın pençesindeydi. Kahır içinde kendini eve kapatmıştı. Sokağa bile çıkmıyordu. Annesi, birde kendisi... Bunlardan ibaretti hayat o nun için. Bir gün çok sıkıldı, sokağa attı kendisini. Bir yığın vitrinin önünden geçti. CD satan bir dükkanın önünden geçerken aniden durdu, geriye dönüp kapıdan içeride ki tezgahtar kıza dikti gözlerini. Kendi yaşlarında ama çok güzel bir genç kızdı. Gözleri ve yüreği takılı kalmıştı. Bir süre düşündükten sonra CD dükkanına girdi. Kız gülümseyerek koştu o na doğru "Size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?"dedi genç kız ve öyle güzel gülümsüyordu ki, genç adam şaşırıp kaldı, bocaladı sonra; "Evet, bu CD yi almak istiyorum." dedi rastgele bir CD yi işaret ederek. Genç kız CD yi alıp içeri gitti. Az sonra paketlenmiş bir şekilde geri getirdi . Genç adam paketi aldı evine geldi ve hiç açmadan paketi dolabına attı. Ertesi sabah yine aynı dükkana gitti. Yine bir CD sardırdı kıza, yine eve gelip açmadan paketi dolaba attı. Günler hep sardırılıp açılmayan CD alımları ile geçip gitti. Bir türlü genç kıza açılmaya cesaret edemiyordu. Annesi ile dertleşti bir gece, durumu anlattı ve annesi o nu gidip genç kızla konuşması konusunda ikna etti. Ertesi sabah cesaretini toplayıp dükkana gitti ve yine bir CD seçti. Genç kız paket yapmak için yine arka tarafa geçtiğinde, genç adam evde hazırladığı not kağıdını cebinden çıkartıp telefonun altına koydu. Kağıtta "Sizinle bir gece yemeğe çıkabilir miyiz?" yazıyordu ve telefon numarasını da yazmıştı not kağıdının en altına. Sonra paketi alıp alel acele dükkandan çıkpı, gitti.

İki gün sonra evin telefonu çaldı, Anne açtı telefonu. CD dükanındaki tezgahtar kızdı arayan. Genç adamla görüşmek istediğini söyledi. Gizlenen not u yeni bulmuş ve görür görmez aramıştı. Ama delikanlının annesi ağlıyordu... "Duymadınız mı?" dedi, "Dün kaybettik oğlumu!..."

Cenazeden bir kac gün sonra anne oğlunun odısındaki eşyaları karıştırırken gözüne dolabındaki paketler ilişti. Açılmamış öylece duran paketler... Birini aldı, oğlunun yatağına oturdu ve açtı. CD kapağının arasına sıkıştırılmış bir not vardı. "Merhaba, sizi öyle tatlı buldum ki, bir akşam birlikte çıkalım mı? Jacelyn!" Bir başka paketi açtı, yine başka bir not vardı. "Siz gerçekten çok tatlı birisiniz, hadi beni bu akşam kahve içmeye davet edin .. Sevgiler... Jacelyn!

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DJ turntablenism  link Diğer
Gönderen:  RUSH MT©      Tarih:  10.11.2007
Etiketler: dj hip hop mt rush
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Akıll Tv'de İstanbul Attack'la Rapimi Dinle Başladı!!!  link Diğer
Gönderen:  FUCHS - FAN      Tarih:  02.11.2007
İstanbulAttack’ın Sunduğu Akıllı TV’de yayına başlayan RapimiDinle Bomba Gibi Videolar Bomba Gibi Haberler Bomba gibi konuklarla ve süprizlerle Türkiyenin ilk ve tek video paylaşım kanalı Akıllı tv’de başladı

Fuchs ,Timur,Kasırga’nın sunduğu programda amatör rapçilerin ve dansçıların www.akilli.tv adresine yolladıkları videolardan en başarılı videoları seçip yayınlayacaklar ve en başarılı seçilen rap cliplerinin sahiplerine canlı perfonmans imkanı tanııyacaklar kısaca videonu gönder hip-hop’un yeni starı sen ol.Rapimi Dinle programında StyleTürk ile birlikte her hafta break dans’ın bir hareketinin nasıl yapıldığını öğrenebilirsiniz.
Bu programda Rap-BreakDans-DJ-Graffiiti Her şey var birbirinden ünlü konuklar ve sürprizlerRap & Dans videonu www.akilli.tv’ye yükle Hip-Hop dünyasının yeni yıldızı sen ol

Rapimi Dinle’yi izleyebilmek için DIGITURK Kanal 98’den veya uydu alıcınızı
Türksat 2A 42 doğu,SR:4444 F:11852 Tp:20 Ver:5/6 şeklinde ayarlayarak izleyebilirsiniz

yayın saatleri

perşembe - 23.00

pazar - 21.30

Ayrıntılı Bilgiyi www.istanbul-attack.com ve rapimidinle@akilli.tv den öğrenebilirsiniz…
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